DDU-GKY (A skill training program for rural youth)

DeenDayalUpadhyayaGrameenKaushalYojana is a flagship skill development scheme of the Department of Rural Development Government of India. 4835 candidates have been trained under the scheme and 1212 candidates have been appointed/ placed. Rural Skill Centres under this programme have been constructed in the premises of Government Senior Secondary schools and are operated by empanelled training partners. These training centres cater to the poor in the rural hinterlands of the state. The target for training under the DDUGKY Scheme is 15000 candidates. The details of the scheme are available at www.ddugky.gov.in


Who can be a TP under the Scheme A 4-stage transparent appraisal process has been designed and an Empowered Committee [EC] has been costitiuted that convenes for project approvals. We review each application independently, with a focus on the readiness of the partner and the best interests of candidates and employers. We look for alignment of values and beliefs, financial and proposed project merits, relevant skilling and placement experiences, team and capacity of the team, transparency and accountability and the readiness to implement the project as key criteria. Based on these, automatic scores are awarded which determine the rating, investment and the extent of investment. The first step in putting together a project lies in identifying which job-roles or courses would you like to offer.We'd like you to identify and administer training for trade-specific skills [you can look-up the NCVT roles/ SSCs] to meet industry demand. Coming from rural India, our youth require some additional inputs to prove themselves and retain jobs. This calls for training in soft skills, functional English and computer education (basic IT skills) in addition to training for domain skills. These are essential ingredients that we believe, will enable our candidates to work and grow in their jobs. Our training partners are also welcome to propose and submit multiple projects with multiple trades or job-roles. Each project, however is identified to a State. Multi state projects are not accepted. However, a training partner can propose multiple projects in multiple states in keeping with their business plans and infrastructure or investment capacity. Together, we want to transform rural poor youth into an economically independent and globally relevant workforce. Together, we are committed to manifesting this transformation and moving people from poverty to productivity and prosperity.

Process for becoming a TP
Ready to become a training partner? Register for PRN with Ministry of Rural Development and prepare to apply for projects.
Steps to Apply:

  1. Complete the eForm for a Permanent Registration Number (PRN). You will need the following:
    • Registration or Incorporation Certificate of Applicant Organisation
    • PAN of Applicant Organisation
    • TAN of Applicant Organisation
    • Building Photo of Head Office of the Applicant Organisation
    • Photo and CV of Authorized Person
    • PAN, Voters ID/ Aadhar Card and Driving License/ Passport of Authorized Person and Director/ Owner
    • Organisation website, live with organisation details on it.
    • NITI Aayog registration details in case organisation is in NGO category i.e. Trusts/ Society / Cooperatives Societies
    Note: Supporting document in jpg or pdf format, subjected to maximum size of 300 kb
  2. After submission of PRN application form through the website, you will receive a 5 digit Temporary Registration Number (TRN) by email from DDU-GKY as proof of submission of the PRN application form. Keep it safely. This TRN has to be referred to in all your communication. Email here for any queries and further information on your PRN
  3. After a verification and validation process by DDU-GKY you will receive a PRN. This will be delivered to you be mail (offline and online).
  4. After receiving the PRN, process to fill the Project Application Form through the online portal, MRIGS. The form will provide complete guidance on how to fill it and on all supporting documentary evidences.
  5. Submit the Online Application form with complete and accurate details.
  6. To know about the status updates on your project application login to MRIGS
    Become a DDU-GKY Partner, get ready to transform lives.
    Terms of Payment:

    At DDU-GKY we follow a fixed cost model and incentives linked to successes in outcomes to training partners who meet eligibility requirements. We also encourage innovations, not only in training and pedagogy, but also in projects on the whole. The investment model follows the preferences indicated earlier, through a simple process of categorization of partners and projects. The preference list identifies criteria that will earn you, the partner, Category 'A'. if you are an organization offering training and foreign placements for 200 to 499 candidates or if you are Captive Employer offering between 200 and 499 jobs each year, then you will earn Category 'B' status. All others are automatically placed under Category 'C'

    Our investment is on the basis of three different project sizes as highlighted below: In case of multiple projects, each project will be limited as above, while the relationship with the PIA can be scaled as needed or possible.
    All processes of investment decisions, programme management and monitoring tasks are completed by Technical Support Agencies (TSAs) on behalf of the Ministry of Rural Development. The TSAs are independent entities with adequate resources and past experiences of managing large skilling projects in rural India. They also play a crucial role in capacity building of partners. If you want to know more, you can enrol into an Orientation Program held by our TSAs.
    Project funding and investment pattern At present, National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (NIRD&PR) and NABARD Consultants (NABCons) serve as our Technical Support Agencies. However Some States including Punjab have their own staff as Technical Support.
    The four instalments are:
    Other incentives

    Training providers are also give incentives for job retention (staying on the job or labour market for a period of 12 months post placement) and career progression (growth in monthly salary of Rs. 15,000/- per month within the first year, wherein the position is held for at least 90 days) of candidates. Incentives are also given for facilitating foreign placements and conducting live distance training. Currently, the incentives are as follows:

    1. Job retention for 12 months from completion of training: Rs. 3,000/- per candidate
    2. Career progression: Rs. 5,000/- per candidate
    3. International placements: Rs. 10,000/- per candidate

    Who can be a trainee
    If you are between 15 and 35 years of age, and have the commitment and discipline to work hard and change your life, you are welcome.
    Anyone who has completed even a little bit of schooling is welcome. If you are unemployed or work as labour in fields, you are welcome. If you earn a daily wage doing odd jobs, you are welcome. If you belong to a family where at least one person has worked for 15 days in the MGNREGA scheme in the last year, you are welcome. If you belong to a family where one person belongs to a Self-Help Group (SHG), you are welcome. Older than 35 years, there is a relaxation for women, persons with disabilities, victims of human trafficking and other vulnerable groups. If you belong to any of these groups, you are welcome.
    You just need to be willing to step forward and work hard every day to change your life. You need to attend classes every day. You need to complete all your tasks & assignments every day.
    The programme is especially geared towards diversification of incomes of disadvantaged groups, including the following,
    • Women
    • Persons belonging to particularly vulnerable tribal groups (PVTGs),
    • Persons with disabilities (PWDs),
    • Transgender and other special groups (rehabilitated bonded labour, victims of trafficking, manual scavengers, trans-genders, HIV positive persons amongst others)
      At the national level, social inclusion is ensured through the following:
    • 50 % funds earmarked for SCs and STs,
    • 15% for minority groups,
    • 3% for Persons with Disabilities
    • In each training program, 33% are to be women
    How to register under the Scheme
    You can reach out to us in any of the following ways:
    1. Get enrolled with your Gram Panchayat or Gram RozgarSewak, who in turn will recommend the nearby Training Centre or its mobilization staff to meet you and offer you counselling and guidance
    2. Find a nearby training centre and contact them directly
    3. Find a trade you want to learn, and the contact information of the training centre teaching the trade
    4. Click on Apply now and fill the Application Form, you will need a passport size photograph of yourself for this
    5. Register yourself on http://kaushalpanjee.nic.in
      Whichever way you choose, we will reach out to you, visit you in your home, talk to you, your parents, friends and others. We will then take you to the nearby training centre and be with you till such time that you enrol.

    Entitlement of candidates under the scheme
    Completely free skill training at the Training Centre. There are no fees. There are no registration charges. There are no examination or certification charges. There are no placement charges.
    • Completely free food and accommodation in a residential training program.
    • Reimbursement of to & fro and meal cost, transferred directly to your bank account.
    • Free uniform, books and learning material.
    • Free access to a computer at the computer lab with working internet, one computer per person.
    • Free access to a tablet PC at the training centre to use and learn.
    • DDU-GKY Skill Training Certificate from NCVT or SSC upon successful completion of the training program.
    • Job Interviews and placement opportunities at no cost. And a job with a minimum salary of Rs.6,000. ,
    • Post Placement salary top-up every month for 2-6 months
      ->If you are placed in your State of Domicile, in a town smaller than your District HQ, then for 2 months, directly transferred to your bank account
      -> If you are placed in your State of Domicile, in the District HQ or larger towns, then for 3 months, directly transferred to your bank account
      -> If you are placed outside your State of Domicile, then for 6 months, directly transferred to your bank account
    • Free counselling and guidance from the training centre or Migration Support Centre. In case of Industrial Internships, you will get:
    • Rs. 4,500/- one time for travel to or from the placement to or from your home, directly transferred to your bank account.
    • Rs. 5,000/- per month Stipend for 12 months from start of job directly transferred to your bank account. This will be paid only when your employer submits proof that you are working in the job.
    • After 12 months of successful training, a job with a minimum salary of Rs. 10,000/- per month. You could also be placed in a foreign job, with a minimum salary of US$500 per month (Rs. 30,000/- approximately).